Audi displays futuristic AI:ME Concept Car

Audi displays futuristic AI:ME Concept Car

ABU DHABI: German luxury automobile manufacturer Audi has displayed the AI:ME concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, currently being held in Las Vegas. The car is equipped with a number of technological advancements in human-centric convenience, connectivity, and information display.

Audi AI:ME Concept

Audi claims that the AI:ME will offer a completely relaxed ride courtesy the ultra-modern technology incorporated into the car. Passengers can use the eye-tracking system to communicate with the vehicle and the latter can order their favorite food. The AI:ME comes with a pair of virtual reality goggles so that its occupants can experience a virtual flight across a mountain landscape. The vehicle’s technology adapts the virtual content to real-time in-car movements.

Audi AI:ME Concept Side

The AI:ME, according to the Volkswagen-owned company, can even think for itself. It has the ‘Audi Intelligence Experience’ which ensures that the AI:ME knows user habits. The car combines artificial intelligence (AI) with intelligent functions to enhance the safety, comfort, and wellbeing of the occupants.  

Audi AI:ME Concept Front

The futuristic AI:ME concept car comes with a self-learning navigation system that saves preferred destinations and connects them to the time, date, and current traffic conditions. It suggests routes and detours from the save data. Audi has said that the in future, the vehicle will be able to precisely analyze the settings and functions of the occupants, ranging from route guidance, temperature preferences, seating position, media, and even the interior fragrance.

The AI:ME has, what Audi says is ‘human-centric lighting’, which is how the occupants can be influenced by targeted light colors to support their memory and concentration. 

Since the AI:ME will be hauled by an electric powertrain, the car boasts of an ultra-spacious interior. The vehicle looks more spacious, considering its 169-inch length and the 109-inch wheelbase. It is as long as the latest version of Volkswagen Golf, while the wheelbase length is similar to that of the two-door Audi A5. The Ingolstadt-headquartered company has done the cabin with wood and cloth to forge a living room-like feel. Audi claims that the AI:ME almost feels like riding a lounge on wheels.

Audi has not disclosed production plans for the AI:ME. 

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