Like drifting? Here is a list of some amazing drift cars

Like drifting? Here is a list of some amazing drift cars

Have you ever tried to drift your car? Or heard of it? If not, it’s time you try your hands at this sport, which creates a rush of testosterone and gives a feeling of accomplishment.



Speed creation and associated fascination with cars led to the advent of car drifting as a sport. Drifting actually means using the car throttle control to steep turn with the wheels in the front exhibiting a different direction to where the car is actually moving. The difference between rear and front slip angles creates this kind of a move.

This sport was chosen initially to exhibit or develop better control over the cars, while turning on the racing track. But soon it became very popular owing to the adventure associated with it and the state of exhilaration which it created amongst the driver and the onlookers.



Drifting a car means to keep the car in the over steering state while manoeuvring it across the turns. The zooming power and growl of the engine and the blinding smoke from the rear tyres create a thrilling atmosphere. To drift a car a few necessary aspects are to be kept in mind

  • The car you plan to drift should have a rear wheel drive
  • A manual gearbox in perfect shape is quintessential too
  • The car should having handbrakes in spick and span conditions.
  • They play important role in controlling the car while it’s moving sideways with great speed
  • Cars with limited slip differential are better choices as it helps in equal distribution of power across the wheels
  • And last but not the least; look for speed and power, as they will give you that lasting edge over others

The notion that poor quality rear tyres are a better choice is a misnomer as far as drifting is concerned. If you have ever been to a racing track, you would realize that to control a car on intense and steep angles, good lateral grip is a must. And this can only be achieved with good quality tyres.


Though any car which supports a rear wheel drive is a good option for drifting. But some cars score better in the drifting world and have proved themselves time and again.

We have handpicked some of our personal favourite cars which can make you drift like a pro.


PONTIAC GTO - If you are looking for power at a cost which will not dig a hole in your pocket, you have the perfect find. This car has an excellent throttle control and hence makes manoeuvring during steep turns way more controlled, creating an efficient drift.

NISSAN 350 Z - Asian automakers have shown excellent results in manufacturing the most proficient drift cars in recent years. Drifting started as a sport in Japan giving this Japanese car the advantage of sentiment. This car boasts of a power packed engine, amazing suspension and brakes which can give your drift a perfect support.


MAZDA RX7 - This 1300cc car can be the harbinger of extreme adventure. Though can be fatal if put in hands of a learner, it is a sheer piece of joy when experienced drifters use the turbo power to create a cloud of smoke.

BMW M3 (E36) - BMW is a brand which is synonym to luxury. If you speak of control, braking and power distribution among the wheels, this car has amazed the drifters to core. At 280 hp, this car is a luxurious choice for eye catching and adrenaline rushing drift.


NISSAN 200SX - Another Nissan car in our list how proficient the Japanese automaker in evolving some of the best drifting cars across the globe. This car apart from its 180 hp power, also has a great suspension system. Another amazing aspect which gives it a high ranking is the fact that the parts which burn out to death while drifting will be available at almost all repair shops (avoiding unnecessary hassle and delay in replacing the parts).

Like any other adventure sport, drifting too requires precision and years of practice. No matter how well equipped a car is, the final result is always dependent on the skill set of the driver.

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