Tips to import a car to the UAE

Tips to import a car to the UAE

The UAE has a brilliant automotive scene. UAE is often remarked as a paradise for car lovers with a variety of cars from manufacturers across the world. While there is a wide range of both old and new cars in the UAE, there are many residents who prefer to import their personal vehicles from their hometown to the UAE.


Before moving ahead with the process of importing your car to the UAE, there are some rules that you need to keep in mind regarding the process of import. The first rule is that you can only import left-hand drives to the UAE due to some safety norms. Second, you must have a valid visa as a local resident of the UAE. Third, you should possess a valid driving license. Fourth, if a car to be imported is more than 10 years old, the Roads and Transport Authority decides whether to give a go-ahead to the import.

You should keep the following papers ready once your car is ready to be shipped: original invoice of the car that confirms the make and true value of the car, Certificate of origin, original copy of your passport, valid visa and driving license, shipping receipt and receipt for payment of customs fees and duties.

Once your car arrives at the shipping point, the authorities will start their verification process. If everything goes well, you will have to pay 5% equivalent of the car's value as a duty fee. Also, you will have to pay for the issuance of clearance certificate inspection. These payments are usually done in advance. Once it is done, your car will be provided with export plates for the front and rear bumpers.


You will then visit one of the RTA certified test centres for an overall vehicle inspection. To get your car inspected, you need to have the following: a passport, Emirates ID, driving license, customs clearance receipt and import documents. Once you have submitted the documents, your ride will be tested on the road to see if it is safe to drive. If it passes the road-test, it can be registered and insured in the UAE.

You will need a proof of purchase, a filled application form, insurance documents, the pair of export plates, you custom clearance papers and proof of residency while driving on the road. Congrats! You have successfully imported your car to the beautiful roads of the UAE. Have a fun ride!

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