Planning to sell your car in the UAE? This piece of information should help

Planning to sell your car in the UAE? This piece of information should help

Different countries have different rules. Whether it is regarding parking or selling your used car, you have to follow a different set of rules to get things done. There are three primary ways by which you can sell your car here in the UAE. Today we are going to give you details about all the three of them. But before that here the list of main documents you’d need to sell your car.

sell used car in UAE

Seller’s documents

  • Original registration card
  • Original (recommended) Emirates ID/Passport

Buyer’s documents

  • Valid insurance for the vehicle
  • Original Passport with residence visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Valid UAE driving license

The three primary ways by which you can sell your car in the UAE are private, trading, and selling to car buying companies.

Private method

This is the most popular method to sell cars in the UAE. However, it is also the most tedious one. In this method, you will have to do all the work in order to get things done. The good part is that since there is no middleman between you and the buyer to get the deal done, you can get a good price for your car.

To use this method you need to list your car for sale online. You can also post about your car in newspaper classifieds and notice boards at supermarkets or communities. But you know which one is better, right?

sell used car online

While listing your car online, make sure you’ve got some good pictures of your car from different angles. If there are some damages, dent, etc. in your car, post a picture of that, too. This will help the buyer to get a clear idea about the condition of your car.

Utilise the description section while listing your car. This is a great column where you can post many details about your car. For example, if you’ve some aftermarket parts installed, you can mention about them here. Also, if you have a full service history, that can be added as well.

Once you’re done with that, post it online and wait to get contacted by potential buyers.

Trading method

Trading method - sell used car

This method involves you trading your car for another one from a dealership. There are many such dealerships in the UAE. However, keep in mind that not all dealerships trade in cash. The biggest advantage of this method is that your work is reduced. But the price of your car goes down as well.

If you took a loan to buy your car, you can’t sell it if there are any outstanding fees for the bank. There are a few dealerships that buy even in this case.

Sell to car buying companies

This is the easiest way to sell your car in the UAE. You need to take your car to one of such companies and they will handle the rest. You won’t have to take pictures of your car, post it online, deal with many buyers, nothing.

Such car buying companies offer a fair price but it is quite understandable that it will still be less than what you could get with the private method. It is most likely that you will get the cash, a check or a bank transfer certificate then and there only. And you will save a lot of your time.

car documents

There are a few things to take care of before reaching out to a car buying company. If you have a car loan, then you will need to clear that first. Also, you can’t sell heavily damaged or non-working cars.

General information

Apart from the aforementioned methods, there are a few general things that you should keep in mind while selling your car.

  • Don’t put any kind of sale signs on or in your vehicle. It is illegal in the UAE and will get your car impounded
  • Meet the interested buyers in person
  • Don’t accept checks as a payment mode
  • There is a transfer fee of AED 100 along with the AED 20 for knowledge/innovation fee
  • Sellers must be present at the RTA. If that’s not possible, then you can grant another person power of attorney to act on your behalf

We hope that you would have found our article useful and benefit from it when selling your car in the UAE.

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