How to take care of your SUV during the wet weather

How to take care of your SUV during the wet weather

You have prepared yourself for the coming monsoons but what about your SUV? Is it prepared for the rains? Have you covered all the major check-ups of your SUV making sure that it can survive through the monsoons? Monsoon not only brings rain but also causes difficulty in driving.

SUV care tips in monsoon

Therefore, it is essential to make sure that your SUV is well-equipped with all the gears that it needs to perform well under these conditions. The weather is going to challenge you and your car in all possible ways, and for getting over it, here are eight simple ways. By following these easy tricks, you can prepare your SUV for competing with the monsoons.

Full maintenance check-up

car maintenance check-up

You have used your SUV in a rough and wild manner during the summers, and now it’s time for the rains. The monsoon is going to give you different road conditions than summer. The roads will be wet and will create difficulty for the user. For avoiding any problem, you must visit a car servicing company and get full maintenance check-up done of your vehicle, making sure it is in its best condition during this season.

Tires check-up

tire check-up

It is but natural that during monsoon your vehicle is going to move through water-covered paths. If the tires are old and have lost their grip, you must change them. Tires play an important role when you are driving in wet conditions as the grip decides the path of the vehicle. If the tires are in adverse condition, it may be the case that they are not able to grip the surface, creating a big problem. So, make sure they are in good condition.

Lights check-up


Monsoons create difficulty in vision and lights will help you in detecting the presence of nearby vehicles or objects. So, if you find that any of the lights are not working or is damaged, you must replace them immediately. In the case of old bulbs, the replacement is easy. However, for LED lights, you need to consult the vehicle manual.

Wipers check-up

If the wiper is not working well, you are going to have big problems while driving your SUV during rain. Also, the chances of meeting an accident are high in such a situation. Consider buying good-quality wiper blades instead of the locally available rubber blades. A hydrophobic windshield treatment for the side and rear windshields may also be considered.

Full electrical check-up

car electric check-up

Imagine you are driving on a long route away from home and suddenly the battery is not picking up. It’s raining, and you can’t fix it either. For avoiding such a situation, make sure that the electrical features of the car are working well before stepping out of the home. Consult an electrician and get the worn-out wires checked; get the insulated cables changed if they are cracked or frayed.

Windows and doors check-up

car door seal

You have to make sure that the doors and windows are working properly and do not allow water particle to come inside the car. They must be adequately sealed. If you notice any water traces, get the seals replaced. For the seals on windshields, advice the specialist to use good-quality adhesives there.

The ABS check-up


If your SUV has the ABS feature, make sure that it is working well as it can save your life during the monsoons! It allows the driver to control the car even when you have pushed the brake too hard. It prevents the locking of the tires and makes controlling the vehicle easier. So, get the ABS checked by a credible service station.

Seat belt and airbags check-up

car seat belt

They are those components of your car which are not damaged easily. But are highly crucial for the safety of your vehicle; so, make sure that they are working well. For checking the seat-belts, you can inspect them self, but for the airbags, consider visiting the service station.

A few simple steps like these can prevent you from getting into big problems during the monsoon. So, don’t take a chance here and be serious about the maintenance of your SUV.

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