Dubai gets bigger and better Ferrari showroom

  • Nov 07, 2019

Ferrari has opened a new showroom facility in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road in collaboration with Al Tayer Motors, which is the official Ferrari importer in the UAE. This new facility is four times bigger than the previous one and covers 3,643 square metres of area. Al Tayer Motors, upon inauguration, committed to providing exceptional services and customer experiences to all their Ferraristi within the geographical boundaries. 

Ferrari Showroom

The new showroom facility is a true example of architectural excellence, designed to reflect the brand’s global corporate identity and offer an immersive experience into the premium lifestyle. It would be nothing less than an exciting destination for Ferrari owners where luxury and comfort coincide with each other. 

The main display area on the ground floor accommodates the entire Ferrari range, while the area adjacent to it is dedicated to the customers with amenities like a private coffee bar and a luxurious lounge. The tech-equipped configurator room offers plenty of selection options to the customers in terms of materials and other paraphernalia. The customers can access the exclusive ‘Atelier’, which is an inspired section from the Ferrari facility at Maranello that features special paint samples, leathers, liveries and other noble materials.

Ferrari Showroom

Moving on to the first floor, you’d find pre-owned Ferraris. The entire floor showcases cars under Ferrari’s pre-owned certification programme that have been tested and refurbished to offer excellent performance and world-class quality. These cars undergo a total of 190 checks before making them available for re-sale. 

Built on the design lines of Maranello’s ‘Formula Uomo’, the second floor of the showroom facility has been dedicated to operations where employees can be at ease and work in the most pleasant environment possible. While designing this place special attention was paid to light, air quality, aesthetics and noise control so as to enhance wellbeing and motivation.

Ferrari Showroom

The entire facility has been built by following environment-friendly means such as there is motion sensor technology for reduced energy consumption, LED lighting for lowered energy costs and futuristic technology for optimum use of water and air conditioning. 

The chief executive officer of Ferrari Middle East, Dieter Knechtel said, “We are truly proud of this outstanding facility; a new Ferrari flagship in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Together with our longstanding partner, Al Tayer Motors, we are on a journey to deliver an exceptional experience to existing and future Ferrari clients and I believe this showroom will become home to them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Al Tayer family and their management for their dedication and investment over the years and look forward towards many successful years ahead.”

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