Koenigsegg mulls a fully electric hypercar

  • Feb 06, 2019

ABU DHABI: While the rest of the world sees battery-powered electric cars as the future, Koenigsegg company boss, Christian von Koenigsegg believes otherwise. He thinks there might be a battery cell shortage in the future as more and more manufacturers are jumping onto the electric bandwagon. This along with the battery weight, car weight, and cost are the reasons why the company is sceptical about building a fully electric hypercar, one that could beat the rest.

Koenigsegg electric car

He does believe that electric vehicles will surpass what we can do with hybrids, but it is still in the distant future. With companies like Tesla ramping up production, giants like BMW and Volkswagen entering the electric car race, there could be a cell shortage over the horizon. With a firm belief in the next generation of combustion engines, which are entirely CO2 neutral, a full electric car is in some ways off for Koenigsegg. Christian von Koenigsegg says that combining a CO2 neutral engine with a small battery pack could be a very thrilling solution.

Koenigsegg car

The company will unveil the successor to the Agera RS next month at the Geneva Motor Show. It will be more luxurious than the RS and yet have 1400 bhp while being brutally fast.


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