Discarded Jeep Wrangler restored to be built as a Jurassic tribute car

Discarded Jeep Wrangler restored to be built as a Jurassic tribute car

There are some people who love to do the unusual and extraordinary. Like buying a new car is just an ordinary thing but getting a derelict car and restoring it to give it a new life, is just another level of exception.

That is what exactly happened to a discarded Jeep Wrangler that was fetched from some junkyard and was rejuvenated to a thug vehicle which became a Jurassic Park tribute. It is now worth a fortune and is headed for an auction.

The SUV has a custom-painted “Headshake” engraved on the rear fender and also a “C.W” can be spotted on the doors. These engravements indicate the immense love of the car’s former owner, however, it is still anticipated that there is much more to the story of this SUV. What exactly happened to make this car grow and evolve on the outside, would still be a mystery.

Jeep Wrangler Jurassic tribute car

We could manage to obtain a video of this restored Jeep Wrangler from some reliable sources and it largely focuses on the intensity of cleaning that has to be applied, to bring the Jeep back to life again. The best part about restoring a Wrangler is that you can easily fall it apart. Every part of the SUV including the doors, seats and the carpets can be separated and then combined back together. It makes the whole process of restoration much easier. Intense restoration activities include power washing of the exterior face of the car with strong grime while cleaning the carpets is another tedious process.

Jeep Wrangler Jurassic tribute car

The SUV is bulky in itself and no doubt the cleaning mechanism is all the more energy draining. Once the car is washed it looks like a new one there. Now giving it some styling tweaks is easy to make it look like a Jurassic Park safari. Some hues of matte red paint on the stripes and wheels can be easily done with spray cans along with Jurassic Park decals.

However, the video shows a completely revamped look of the Jeep Wrangler, it does not feature it running on any sort of terrains. Probably, because the machinery of the SUV has given up due to long sitting in the junkyard. It will need a lot of time and labor to bring the mechanical process to life. If not much, a thorough check-up and addition of new fluids would be the minimum necessary work required to have it running.

Source: Motor1.com

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