Bentley sets up a new water recycling system

Bentley sets up a new water recycling system

British luxury car manufacturer Bentley Motors has set up a new water recycling system at its workshop in Crewe, Cheshire. The plant recently became the first carbon-neutral luxury automobile factory in the UK. 

Bentley water recycling system

Bentley currently uses a lot of water in its manufacturing processes. It uses the reverse osmosis method to ensure that the water has no contaminants since that may affect the high-quality paint of the cars. Three liters of water are required for the reverse osmosis process to get an output of one liter of pure water. The new recycling plant, Bentley claims, will output two liters of pure water.

Bentley water recycling system

The senior member of the Bentley manufacturing board, Peter Bosch, said that water plays a very important role in the manufacture of the company’s luxury cars. However, water is a natural resource, and reducing its consumption along with recycling, will help in preservation, he said.

The new recycling system will help the company collect 350,000 liters of water in the current year which will be enough to maintain the site. The company washes more than 16 miles of internal routes each day to ensure that the workshop is in perfect condition. Water is also required to keep the plants and maintain the grounds. 

Bentley water recycling system

Bosch said that people at Bentley are coming up with great examples of innovative thinking to reduce the site’s impact on the environment. The company is planning to capture large volumes of water via rainwater harvesting.

Bentley, meanwhile, has announced a farewell edition of the Mulsanne. Production of the car will be limited to just 30 units. It will be manufactured by Bentley’s coachbuilding division Mulliner. The car will be based on the current 537 bhp Mulsanne Speed. Bentley has said that the car will serve as a fitting tribute to a masterpiece of British craftsmanship and automotive engineering.

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