Check this out before going for a used car in the UAE

Check this out before going for a used car in the UAE

If you have the right amount of money, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't go for a new car. They are trustworthy and you need not be worried about your car breaking down. However, not all can afford to buy a new car. People who are financially unstable or those who keep shifting places, they always prefer to buy second-hand cars. If you are planning to make it worth your money when buying a used car, you might want to consider the factors mentioned below:


CAR EXTERIOR WITH scratches and dents

A fresh looking car usually says a lot about the car's inner health. People who maintain the good looks of their car are most likely to have well-maintained interiors as well. While going for a used car, always check for scratches and dents. Roughness on the surface of the car could be a sign of new paintwork and it might be due to a major accident.



Check all the areas where there is a sign of corrosion. This is a mandatory step while going for the car that is more than 6 years old. UAE is pretty famous for extreme weather conditions that will magnify the existing amount of corrosion. Inspect the side sills, front wings, door corners and front bumpers. If you hear a cracking sound while pressing some parts, it is a sign of inner corrosion.



Mileage is the first thing that you look for while buying a used car. The total number of miles driven usually gives you a slight hint about the age of the vehicle. If you are buying a second-hand car, try to find a one that has been driven 30,000 kms or below.
However, it doesn't always mean that a decade-year-old car that is very less driven is always good. Other factors like regular maintenance and servicing play an important role.


Always take a look under the hood. A dirty engine points towards the fact that the car has been roughly used but the same applies to the fact that if the engine is way too clean, it could be a sign of a cover-up. Always check the color of the coolant and its quantity. Start the engine and allow it to heat up. Observe the sound and check for vibrations. There should be no unwanted noise.


Car VIN Number

Glance through the history of a vehicle before buying it. If the owner or the agent has records of the maintenance history, go through it. For cars imported from the US, always check the VIN number. The same is usually printed on the dashboard. You can make a quick checkup of the VIN to determine whether the car has ever met with an accident.

GCC specs

If possible, try sticking to cars that have GCC specs. These vehicles are more likely to give you fewer headaches and run smoothly in the long run, as they are equipped with tools to survive the harsh weather conditions of the UAE. Imported cars are usually not equipped with the suitable radiator, AC unit or filtration system to match the driving conditions of the UAE and may break down sooner.

So, if you have read and understood the above important tips, you are all set to buy a used car in UAE.

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