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    2017 Nissan Navara Pickup
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    2017 Nissan GT-R Review
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User Review

  • The best Suv in its Class

    When it comes to buy Chinese manufactured cars, People always try to avoid them due to quality issues and reliability, But GAC GS8 has changed the whole scenario by offering the most affordable luxury, which is safe, smooth and full of features which you can get only in premium Suv's like land cruiser or lexus. After being the owner of

    Read More
    Gladiator May 10, 2020 for GAC GS8
  • It's an amazing vehicle

    Very comfortable, fuel economy, good sound system. Selection of HMI graphics.

    Read More
    Abson Oct 03, 2020 for Haval H6
  • Technical Fault

    I bought it in Jan 2020 and since I have been driving 18000 km have facing issues and problems if I switch off the engine but still fan in running condition casing draining the car battery. It takes a hard start car I am not sure why it's happening with a brand new corolla 2020.

    Read More
    Julian Smith Oct 19, 2020 for Toyota Corolla
  • The best in the class and value for money

    Spent over 2 years to choose the best in the class SENTRA 1.8S in comparison with corolla, civic and other crossovers. Spacious everywhere, attractive exterior and interior, economical price tag, decent ground clearance. Sporty look and feel, alloy wheels, 10 inch infotainment screen, cruise and media controls, LED lights etc. Never disappointed so far on anything.

    Read More
    Jayaraj Perumalsamy Oct 20, 2020 for Nissan Sentra
  • Isolation

    I think Mitsubishi forgot to isolate the car since you can hear all the noise and once you reach speed 100km/h and above you can hear the wind coming inside the car even you can not use car speaker phone.

    Read More
    Mohammed Dec 07, 2020 for Mitsubishi ASX
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