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User Review

  • A feature-rich small crossover

    The market is flooded with small crossovers, but I purchased the Kia Sportage because I wanted to try something new and exciting that stood out from the rest. Have put 15000 miles on this car, and I love everything about it. Its bolder bodywork is bigger than before and offers tons of cargo space. The interior layout is intuitive, and

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    Rabah Jun 06, 2023 for KIA Sportage
  • Ranks high in terms of comfort and features

    I have put just 500 miles on this car, but I'm fascinated with it. I have driven it mostly in the town, and it has been a treat to drive. I'm a 70-year-old man above six feet in height and do not have any trouble getting in and out of it. The navigation, infotainment system, and driver displays took some

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    Ibrahim Jun 06, 2023 for KIA Seltos
  • A pain to drive

    This is my second brand new vehicle and first ever hybrid car. Initially, I was very happy to purchase it, but after two months of ownership, I'm very disappointed with it. During the test drive, the seats seemed to be very comfortable, but it kills my back on long drives. The Bluetooth also doesn't work well when I'm on a

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    Adrien Jun 06, 2023 for Toyota RAV 4 HEV
  • Great mid-sized SUV

    I have driven many cars over the years, but only a few of them have appealed to me, and the Toyota Highlander is such car that has wowed me with its impeccable features and smooth rideability. It is spacious and fits my entire family well, helping us spend more quality time together. It has car-like driving dynamics and the height

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    Merrill Jun 06, 2023 for Toyota Highlander
  • A fun sports car

    My father purchased this car last September and passed it on to me after five months as he got bored driving it. I have explored all its features and can say that it is a good car. Whenever I take it out, I get compliments, even from strangers. It looks amazing, catches attention, and is comfortable to drive around the

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    Denver Jun 06, 2023 for Toyota GR Supra
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